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OTT Video Market

The entertainment industry is witnessing tectonic shifts in the processes of content generation, distribution, and consumption.

Consumers are now changing their media consumption habits and are expected to migrate most of their TV consumption to Internet-based distribution

Fuelled by ubiquitous connectivity, the proliferation of connected devices, and growth of on-demand streaming, traditional media houses are reinvigorating and amplifying their growth through OTT-based distribution models. It helps them increase their reach, understand their consumers and provide a more personalized offering to their end-consumers along with new monetization opportunities.

HSC’s Offerings in Media Streaming space:

As part of the Echostar group of companies, HSC is at the forefront of the OTT revolution and has cutting edge products in the OTT and Media Streaming space. HSC's Multimedia Center of Excellence (CoE) has worked on creating innovative products that have helped our customers improve the quality of their offerings to their end-customers. Here are some of the key Solutions and Accelerators that will help service providers optimize cost and enhance customer experience.

OTT Media Streaming Solution and Content Management Solution

HSC's OTT Media Streaming Solution enables the service providers, content owners or pay-TV operators, to address their OTT needs and empower their viewers with access to their complete repository of valuable content. It enables the service providers to manage and publish their content to all OTT platforms via its feature-rich content management dashboard.



OTT Quality of Experience and Analytics Solution

HSC’s QoE and Analytics Solution enables OTT service providers to monitor and analyze the performance of their complete delivery network, along with rich business intelligence to understand their subscribers and the quality of experience they are experiencing on their device. Its feature-rich dashboard enables them to understand the end user's preferences, behavior, and engagement under different conditions.



Network Condition Simulator to test network parameters in real-time

HSC’s Network Condition Simulator aims at simulating the real-life value of network parameters such as Bandwidth, Packet loss, etc as part of a lab environment to enable application providers to test their application performance under different network conditions.


 HSC has a rich experience in deploying enterprise-grade systems across the globe. To understand how you can benefit from our end-to-end solutions in the media streaming space, let’s connect. 

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